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Rural Alternatives

This newspaper "Rural Alternatives" was edited within the framework of the projects of MSIF beneficiaries network from the North, South and the Center of the Republic of Moldova, financed by Moldova Social Investment Fund out of the grant offered by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Irland (DFID).

Beginning with an edition of 800 copies containing 8 pages, in a short period of time the newspaper "Rural Alternatives" expanded its edition to 4000 copies with up to 12 pages each.

The publication promoted the success of the communities which implemented sub-projects with MSIF’s financial support and maintained a permanent dialogue between the communities and MSIF. It tried to raise awareness of the population regarding the need of cooperation and involvement in community’s life.  Furthermore, during those 5 years of newspaper ‘s edition, the "Rural Alternatives" served as a course support, permanently renewed, which informed the citizen about the methodologies and modern technologies for implementation of community development projects.

The "Rural Alternatives" reflected in a specific way the activity of Moldova Social Investment Fund which, at its turn, proposed itself to contribute to improve the social-economical situation of the population from rural communities through rehabilitation and construction of social and economical facilities of major community importance.

Also, the newspaper "Rural Alternatives" tried to describe the problems faced by the communities during the implementation of social type sub-projects, spread the success experience and offered solutions for community development.

The newspapers are available only in romanian language






Editie speciala din iunie 2004

Evaluation Report of the informative newspaper "Rural Alternatives" based on the survey conducted in 2004.

The newspaper was edited and printed by the National Center for Assitance and Information of the NGOs  CONTACT and was distributed to the beneficiaries of MSIF network, Local public administrations and public institutions from Moldova.