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               About MSIF



About MSIF
Moldova Social Investment Fund (MSIF) is a Project, created with the support of the World Bank and donor countries aiming at contributing to National Development Strategies implementation, by empowering poor communities and their institutions to manage their priority development needs.
The main factors contributing to the elaboration and development of this project were not only the social-economical decline during last several years, the reduction of life quality indicators and impoverishment of a considerable part of the population, particularly in the rural area and small towns, but also the decrease of moral spirit and of the level of population’s implication in the process of community medium changes.
In the context of development policies and strategies of Moldova, the Social Investment Fund is considered to be an efficient mechanism for changing of community population’s attitudes and behavior, for social activism increase, for community’s solidarity spirit increase and for life quality increase in poor population and in vulnerable groups by increasing the access to improved social services.
The target groups of MSIF Project’s beneficiaries consist of the poor population from deprived rural communities and small towns, and persons in difficulty, as well as orphans, persons with disabilities, those affected by human traffic, HIV/AIDS etc. MSIF Project contributes to these groups’ organizational capacity development and to an increase in the sense of responsibility for everything that happens in the community by means of their direct involvement in the process of their stringent needs identification and in the subprojects proposals implementation and sustainability maintenance.
Promoting the social partnership development at the community level and the participatory elaboration of strategic plans for community social-economical development, MSIF supports the objectives of the local public reform and contributes to capacity building of the institutions from the community, to provision of respect for participation and transparency principles, and as a result to a sustainable community development.

MSIF is guided by an Operational Manual, which represents a set of rules and procedure, established and approved by the Government of Moldova and the World Bank, in order to achieve the objectives of the Project and to insure the efficiency of the investments. An other purpose of the Operational Manual is to insure the transparency in application of the MSIF procedures at national and local levels, to serv as methodologic support and practic guide for the National Board of MSIF, relevant ministries and other institutions interested from Moldova regarding promotion, identification, elaboration and implementation of sub-project proposals.
1. MSIF Operational Manualul, updated at 27 june 2007
Annexes to the Operational Manual 1.MSIF 2 - Logical Framework

2.MSIF 2 - Appraisal handbook

3.MSIF 2 - Follow up handbook

4.MSIF 2 - Environmental Guidelines

5.MSIF 2 - Promotion Handbook

6.MSIF 2 - Community Capacity Building Handbook

7.MSIF 2 - Community Participation Handbook

8.MSIF 2 - CDD manual

9.MSIF 2 - Social Care Services Development

10.MSIF 2 - Communication Strategy

11.MSIF 2 - Community Handbook CBO

12.MSIF 2 - Administrative Handbook

13.MSIF 2 - Financial Handbook

14.MSIF 2 - ProcurementPart

15.MSIF 2 - MIS User's Manual

16.MSIF 2 - Monitoring and Evaluation Manual

17.MSIF 2 - Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation