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The objective of Moldova Social Investment Fund is to contribute to the implementation of the National Development Strategies by empowering poor communities and their institutions to manage their priority development needs.

Along with offering technical and financial assistance, MSIF represents for communities a tool for learning new principles of good governance for local governments. Community actors (LPA, NGOs, BAs, etc.) learn different types of working with the community, such as: the implication of the population in decision-making processes, ways of identifying priority problems, strategic planning, subprojects implementation monitoring, maintenance and sustainability of renovated objects, financial management, institutional development of local public administration and non-governmental organizations.

MSIF colaborates with beneficiary communities on partnership principles. MSIF's role consists in financial support of 70%-85% from the sub-projects proposals costs and in facilitation and monitoring the community groups which desire to implement sub-projects. The partner communitis are responsible for preparation of sub-project proposals, collection of community contribution amounting to minimum 15% of the sub-project cost, competitions' organization for contractor's and local supervisor's selection, monitoring the sub-projects implementation in the community, signing the payment documents, assurance of the renovated social-economical infrastructures' sustainability.

The MSIF's purpose is to create better conditions for poor population in order to overpass the poverty. It implies the social mobilisation and participation of the poor population in initiation and implementation of development initiatives. The MSIF contributes to these groups’ organizational capacity development and to an increase in the sense of responsibility for everything that happens in the community by means of their direct involvement in the process of their stringent needs identification and in the subprojects proposals implementation and sustainability maintenance.

Project’s  Benefits
Long-term project benefits:
·    Improvement of education, health protection and economic indices through improved social services;
·    Developed institutional capacities and long term sustainability of community based organizations;
·    Empowerment of communities and social capital development;
·    Improved accountability and transparency of local governments

Short-term benefits:
·    Improved quality of social services in the communities
·    Improved planning and management of social care services;
·    Benefits resulting from temporary and permanent jobs created in the community;
·    Work opportunities for designers and contractors.