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The Moldova Social Investment Fund Project financially supports 3 main components:

Component 1. Community Development

Component 2. Social Care Services Development

Component 3. Capacity Development, Monitoring and Evaluation

The following sub-components are financed within the Component 1:
1.1.Rural community development (for poor rural communities that haven’t previously benefited from MSIF 1 Project’s support);
1.2. Rural community development with the delegation of financial self-management responsibilities (CDD - Community Driven Development) – for the communities that have previously benefited from MSIF 1 Project’s support and have reached high performances in community development;
1.3. Small towns community development (for towns with population of up to 20 000 persons);
1.4. Community development for localities facing water supply and sewerage problems;
1.5. Community development for localities that renovates Culture Houses;
1.6. Community development for localities implementing quality education projects financed by the World Bank through "Education for All - Fast Track Initiative Catalytic Fund for Moldova" Project, the works being implemented together with the Ministry of Education;
1.7 Community development for localities included in the Project promoted by UNICEF "Child Friendly Schools"

Each of these sub-components includes an essential amount of training and technical assistance aiming to develop the capacities of the communities.

Within the Component 2 - Social Care Services Development - there are piloted new models of integrated social services;

Within the Component 3 - Capacity Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, there are financed the following sub-components:

·    Development of capacities to support the transfer of the learnt lessons and experience from the local community level to the governmental institutions level,

·    Monitoring and  evaluation,

·    Communication, dissemination and replication of positive practices.